Team Contract Example

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Strategic Management Consults
Melanie Lee
Art Marohl
Kelly Scott Mckee
Summer Hickey
Rhonda Jensen
Busn 460 Senior Project
DeVry University
Professor Mozinski

BUSN460 Team Contract
Our team name is Strategic Management Consultants. Our goal is to work well together, complete each task as stated in this contract. If one of our team members fails to stick to this agreement our team will step up and meet or exceed each goal necessary to complete this task.

Section I: Team Member Skill Inventory.
Name| Strengths/Contributions| Not so strong areas|
Rhonda Jensen| Research/I can contribute in any aspect but my strength is finding information and sending it out. | Grammar check | Melanie Lee | I am good at writing essays, proof reading, grammar/punctuation/spelling| I don’t care to do as much of the “research” as some folks do. I also am very impatient with not having everyone be involved or their lack of participation because we all suffer because of it. | Arthur Marohl| I am a perfectionist with paper formats and I also like to review papers… Good at research. I tend to lead in meetings (also a weakness)| Tend to take charge, usually overload my plate but will try not to throughout this class so I can dedicate the necessary time. Lack of experience in private sector.| Kelley Scott Mckee| I am pretty good at using Excel, or any computer program for that matter.| I am not good at being relied on as a leader. I feel like I can let the tem down when that is the case and could become a serious issue.| Summer Hickey| I am good at research, proof reading, and Microsoft Office| I tend to have problems with paper formats such as the APA style.|

Section II: Work Plan
How will the team members share their work? Through Email and Discussion area/Doc Sharing and our Team online meeting area * When will all members need to have their part of the project done so that it can be turned in on time? What will you do if members turn in work after the deadline? All papers should be turned in no later than Friday each week preferably sooner if possible so the team leader can check them, make corrections per the team and submit them back to each team member by Saturday. All papers must be uploaded to the drop box by Sunday. If another team member does not participate we will have to step up and assist with the work. Just remember we are a team and we need to work as a team. * How will you manage team members who do not participate? Send out a reminder to inform the team member work needs to be in my particular date and time. If the work still is not completed and the team member has not given the team a reason we need to make sure this team members part is done by the date we need it. As a team we will contact the instructor to inform him of the team member’s conduct and possibly fire the team member. This is for the entire 8 weeks. * How will you choose your team leader? What will be the responsibilities of the team leader? Team leaders should volunteer since each of us should experience leading a team. It is a great opportunity and learning experience. If we don’t have a volunteer the person has not stepped up will be our next team leader. The leader should make sure that all parts of each weeks work are assimilated correctly, if any part is missing that they make contract with the person who should have it turned in, proof read and correct any paper writing/formatting and turning it in to the dropbox no later than the Sunday the work is due. Section III: Conflict Management

What are potential conflicts that might arise among or between team members during this course? Meeting time is usually a conflict, getting work in on time and communication, ego; appearance of quantity/quality of work can also pose a challenge. * How do team members agree together that they will deal with these and other conflicts? Remember we are all adults and we should present ourselves as such. If...
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