Team work

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Analytical reports are written by students or employees, often working in teams. The reports generally require that the writers • define the subject matter and identify the related factors • learn how the subject has been addressed or what the experts recommend when addressing the issue For this project, the topic is selected for you: Team-building in the Workplace. Requirements: To gather information for your report, you will read your classmates’ interview guides and the articles on team-building in the workplace provided for you. Additionally, you will want to find external resources. To create the report, you will analyze and discuss relevant information from two or more of the interviews and four or more of the articles. The articles are provided in this folder (as stated, you may seek outside articles related to the topic). • Your overall subject area will be “team-building in the workplace;” however, you should also address problem-solving, especially as it relates to teamwork. • Your report should address these questions: How are teams used in the workplace? What strategies are used to ensure that teams function effectively? • At least four articles and two interviewees must be cited in the report. Use as many sources as you need to accomplish your purpose. • The report should be no less than 5-6 pages in length, double-spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12 with one inch margins. • Your report should be an objective analysis of the source material. • Write in third person (avoid using “you”; replace "you" with who it represents; e.g., employees) • Do not recount your research process – i.e., don’t say, “I interviewed so-and-so and she said…..” Synthesizing findings. After reading the sources:

• Plan your report’s content by deciding what you will cover. The assigned length does not allow you to cover everything. • Plan what you will cover by analyzing the sources and identifying common themes, patterns, ideas, etc. among your sources. A highlighter...
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