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Topics: Citation, APA style, The Chicago Manual of Style Pages: 13 (2797 words) Published: February 3, 2013
University Library User Manual|
Prepared by Team A|
Christine Polatis, Tchangwe Nchumuluh, Bryan Thomas, Emily Glasser, William Cross, | 1/21/2013|


University Library User Manual
Online Access to Course Textbooks5
My Papers7
Grammar and Plagiarism Review:7
River point Writer:7
Grammar and Writing Guides7
Element K Tutorials8
Websites for Aid9
Center for Mathematics Excellence9
Step-By-Step Math Review9
ALEKS Running Start - Practice10
Building Math Confidence12
Student Labs13
Learning Team Toolkit15
Useful Links21
Submit a Paper for Review21
CWE Review21
Plagiarism Checker22
Reference and Citation Generator22
APA Information23
Sample Paper24
Reference and Citation Examples24
Reference and Citation Generator24
APA Style Blog24
Title Page Template24
Riverpoint Writer24
Grammar and Writing Guides25
Student Resources Guide25
oMath Resources25
oWriting Resources25
oFormatting and Writing Guidelines25
oTechnical Services25
oStudent Workshops and Labs25
oUniversity Library26
oLearning Teams26
oCritical Thinking26
oUniversity Disability Services26
oCareer Services26
oUniversity Perks26
Library. (2013). Retrieved from

Online Access to Course Textbooks
The University of Phoenix provides access to course materials and textbooks online. These materials can be printed, downloaded or viewed from your student web. Access is granted any time day or night and is available the day before your classes start. Early availability gives students time to print out the materials and start preparing for class.

To access the class materials:
1. Log into your student website.
2. Select the materials tab.

3. Materials are listed by the week you will be studying them. You can download them one week at a time or for the entire class period at once. Click on the textbook you want to access. 4. A new screen pops up. This screen gives you the choice to download by chapter or the entire book. You can also read the materials or print from this screen.

My Papers
This section provides assistance to students who have written papers and want them reviewed before they submit for grading. Grammar and Plagiarism Review:
-Introduction: These are resources for students and faculty members that contain a Grammar Glossary and sections on Grammar Mechanics, Writing Style, and Plagiarism. Plagiarism: There is a plagiarism checker for students to submit papers and have them reviewed for proper citations and references. Writing & Style Information: The University of Phoenix requires student papers to follow the APA format. Templates and samples of the APA format can be found in this section. -Information

Business Writing:
English Language Learners:
-English Language Learners Tutorial
-Writing English for Speakers of Other Languages
Wizards and Tutorials:
-Writing Wizards
-Software Tutorials
River point Writer:
Grammar and Writing Guides
-Writing Style
-Grammar Mechanics
-Grammar Glossary
-Skill and Drill
-Common Errors in English
-Grammar Girl Podcasts: Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing -Building Writing Confidence
Element K Tutorials
My Content allows one access to view your progress on tutorials you have started or completed.

Catalog allows you to select from tutorials in amongst different categories such as E-Business and Office Productivity.

Professional Development:
The Professional Development link allows one access to Certification Plans and Exams provided by Brain bench™ 5) Self-paced Business and Technology tutorials

Websites for Aid
Center for Mathematics Excellence
The Center for Mathematics Excellence is a resource for students to get help in addition to the classroom....

Citations: References
Library. (2013). Retrieved from
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