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Assessing Cloze’s Current Position
At the very beginning of my paper, I’d say something about IPhone. Frankly speaking, IPhone is an outstanding innovation that has changed all human-being’s daily life. It’s a first Smartphone that driven by software. As with the rapid development of IPhone, some compliments markets such as apps and other accessories are promising in soaring with a high speed. Michael Porter, a great expert in management and strategy, acknowledged the role of complements, which enhance the usefulness or desirability of a good. More and more engineers developing apps on IPhone and app engineering is a really hot position among technology labor market. The availability, quality and price of complements will influence the threats and opportunities posed by Apple.

Today, I’m talking about a great app from Apple store called Cloze. Cloze is integration software that makes your email box clearer, sorts electronic relationship from a people-concept aspect, and gives out new topic to you and your close friends. Obviously, Cloze is a great app that may influence a lot of users. It not the time can we made a conclusion about this fashionable app that it will lead the trend. In the following paragraph, I will analysis current position using Porter’s five-force model as well as strengths and weaknesses.

The degree of existing rivalry: The number and relative size of competitors will shape the nature of rivalry. In general, the more firms competing that are of comparable size, the more competitive the industry will be. Ican asset that email app is not an oligopolistic industry. I searched in Apple stores and found there are no app has the similar function of Cloze. The demand is large and the technology can be easily imitated. At that time, at least, Cloze possesses the whole market.

The threat of potential entrants: The competition in technology market...
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