Term Assignment Brief

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Term Assignment Brief

Course Title:
Cross Cultural Management
Assignment Type
Course Work
Submission Date:
Sunday 24th August 2014 5 pm
Assessment Weighting:
Submission Instructions:
E-submission: Email to nadia.r@iuk.edu.pk
Instructions to Students: Specify whether it is a group or individual assignment, the word length and any abnormal submission instructions. This is an individual assignment in the form of a 2,000 word essay (+/- 10%). The world count will exclude title page, and bibliography. You should incorporate at least 6 academic citations in your essay, at least 4 of them coming from published sources such as books, academic journal papers etc. You must also provide an APA style bibliography of all academic citations made in your work. Assignment Task

Essay Topic
You are required to write an essay on any of the any 1 of the given topics exploring the notion in depth, demonstrating your ability to discuss cultural paradigm in informed, sensitive and critical way. Case Key Question

Examine the given case from the point of view of cross cultural management issues. Construct an essay exploring 1. How culture and mental programing are responsible for the complication at hand 2. What are some communication mistakes that could have been avoided if either party was more culturally aware and conscious 3. What suggestions would you make that can be applied “now” to alter the situation at hand Assessment Criteria

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