The Apple Story

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The Apple Story

Prepared By: Brian Klochko

Prepared For: Dr. Dov Longu

Submission Date: Monday, February 24th 2014
Once solely regarded as a common handheld fruit, two unlikely visionaries changed the meaning of “Apple” forever. The corporate conglomerate that now manufactures and sells various electronic products such as computers, cell phones, tablets, music players, and computer accessories was once merely an idea two college dropouts had dreamt in their own garage. Apple stock currently trades at $544.45 (as of February 14th, 2014), with a net worth estimated at over $500 billion (Forbes) 4. Who started the company, how did they come about starting it, who were the main figures that helped develop the company, and how did the public receive the first product are all questions that will be touched upon in this essay.

First, to look at whom first envisioned and started the company from day one we look no farther than mischievous late Steve Jobs. Now a polarizing figure and a well publicized rash, short tempered business leader, many of his workers would go on record to say that they hated working for such an “in your face” and ridiculing manager, and in 1987 the New York Times published: “by the early 80's, Mr. Jobs was widely hated at Apple. Senior management had to endure his temper tantrums. He created resentment among employees by turning some into stars and insulting others, often reducing them to tears. Mr. Jobs himself would frequently cry after fights with fellow executives"5. Jobs wanted things done his way and his way only, and would make himself heard when things weren’t being done to his liking, much to the dismay of his colleagues. He had an arrogant demeanor about him, was very egotistical, and quickly reminded employees who their superiors were when they would retort. Some say he behaved like a dictator, giving hour-long speeches and always taking all the credit and attention for himself while dismissing employees and co-workers making them feel worthless. For all his shortcomings, there is still one thing everyone who was close to him, worked for him, or has any knowledge of Apple at all can agree on; Steve Jobs was a revolutionary genius. Anything Jobs wanted to do, he got done, and everything he envisioned Apple becoming, it became, and then some. An unlikely pairing of entrepreneurs, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, both devoid of a college degree were both the founders and creators of Apple. Wozniak was the computer genius of the two who dealt with the hardware and programming to make everything work, while Jobs focused on marketing, selling and aesthetics. Jobs and Wozniak started work on their first product and other prototypes in Jobs’ garage in 1976, and the rest is history. Jobs, the marketing guru looked to aesthetics as the main way to sell products. He thought that items that looked better and that appealed to consumer’s tastes would sell better, no matter their internal capabilities, so he focused on making his products look modern, and aesthetically forthcoming more than the actual programs and applications. He also sought to market his products in a way that makes the consumer feel that they “need” it when it really isn’t a necessity of their life. The first commercial Jobs launched was to be aired during Super Bowl 18, and was titled “1984”, which has since been deemed the “best commercial of all time’. With this ad, Jobs sparked a movement never seen or thought of before. It brought to light a different, wide scale form of marketing. It showed the advertising industry that a television ad could bring business from various companies, and had the broadcasting industry drooling, now knowing that commercials were so beneficial to advertising they could raise prices on time-slots for advertisements during television shows and events, like the Super Bowl. An estimated 77 million people saw the “1984” ad, which is why Jobs pushed so...

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