The Branded Environment of Apple Stores

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The branded environment of Apple has made Apple a major leader in the selling of high priced, high quality technology. The engineers and designers associated with Apple have created a recognizable icon which is repeated differently throughout the many Apple stores. This recognizable icon is the glass staircases which show the innovation and forward moving design ideas of the Apple Company. The Apple stores have a futuristic environment which tends to the customers every need. In designing the Extreme Limits store, I looked toward the branding techniques of Apple. I repeated the Apple idea of creating a unique interactive experience, not just an artifact to look at. The Apple Store has achieved great success through their techniques to creating an effective branded environment.

Keywords: branding, futuristic, unique, recognizeable

Branded environments are brands (or stores) that have a recognizable characteristic which is unique, quickly identifiable, and extended throughout the store environment. Components of a branded environment can include the exterior façade of the store, the interior façade of the store, materials used throughout the store, symbols or names used for marketing purposes. The benefits of branding an environment can be seen in the success of the Apple Company’s stores. Apple is an internationally known company with stores worldwide that sell Macintosh personal computers, software, iPods, iPads, iPhones, third-party accessories, and other consumer electronics such as the Apple TV1. The first Apple Stores were opened in 2001 the United States with Steve Jobs as the co-founder and chief executive office. Apple has now expanded Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Australia, China, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain and China. Apple has achieved excellence in creating a recognizable logo and store experience which brands their environment. A major icon which gives branding to the Apple stores is the glass...
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