The Day I Was Born

Topics: Steve Jobs, Macintosh, Apple Inc. Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: November 6, 2011

Hello. Everyone. Today, I am going to tell you a little bit about myself and the year I was born. My name is Jack, 27 years old and I am extremely terrified right now. I was born in July 7th 1984. It seems like I am the oldest student in this class. As I am an international student, I grew up in Korea until 21 and went to a Korean army as a gunner and came to the U.S. I studied in Seattle for 3 years and moved to Corvallis three month ago. I am a senior student and majoring in Finance. That was pretty much about myself. Now, I am going to tell you two interesting events in the year I was born First, Macintosh computer was released in 1984. The Macintosh was introduced by the now famous Ridley Scott television commercial first. Two days after the 1984 ad aired, the Macintosh went on sale. It came bundled with two applications designed to show off its interface: MacWrite and MacPaint. It was first demonstrated by Steve Jobs in the first of his famous Mac Keynote speeches. Right after the release of Macintosh, Apple Company became very popular. Third, On January 27, 1984, Michael and other members of the Jacksons filmed a Pepsi Cola commercial. While Michael was filming in front of a full house of fans during a simulated concert, pyrotechnics accidentally set Jackson's hair on fire. He suffered second-degree burns to his scalp. Jackson underwent treatment to hide the scars on his scalp, and he also had his third rhinoplasty shortly thereafter. Jackson never recovered from this injury. In conclusion, preparing this presentation was good experience for me, I learned more about history happened the year I was born which I never cared about.
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