The Effects of Peer Pressure

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Connection Paper Instructions
Fall 2010
Overview and General Information
You are to read, reference, and summarize four articles, each on the same topic or very closely related topics which we have studied or will study during the term so virtually any topic related to psychology will be acceptable. You will complete and turn in a Connection Paper Form which is a Word® document and is available in AC Online > Lessons > Connection Paper Information > Connection Paper Form. It must be done in Word®. At least one of the articles is to come from a scholarly source and at least one is to come from a popular source and at least one article must be from online. The 4th article can be of any type you choose. Use four different sources. You will write a 600 to 700 word Connection Response to the articles. Before starting your connection paper, read the information at the following websites.
Some examples of more scholarly sources are listed below as examples but there are thousands more so you are not limited to these. In fact, the topic you choose will lead you to your scholarly sources. The staff of the Lynn Library can be helpful in finding all of your sources including scholarly sources and web sources.  

Harvard Men’s Health Watch
American Family Physician
The Journal of Family Practice
American Scientist
The Futurist
Public Interest
Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology
Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions
Brown University Child and Adolescent Behavior Letter
Journal of the American Medical Association
Psychiatric Times
Harvard Mental Health Letter
New Scientist

At least one article is to come from a popular magazines or newspapers. Again, you are not limited to those listed below there are tens of thousands of others and your topic will lead you to them. Again, don’t forget the staff of the Lynn Library.

Psychology Today
The New York Times
The Washington Post
Vanity Fair
US News and World Report
The Oprah Magazine
Ladies Home Journal
Texas Monthly
Woman’s Day

At least one article is to be an online source. Actually all four could come from online. You may use a search engine such as Google to search for your topic to find one of thousands. For example, I ran “childhood obesity” as a Google search and got over 2,200,000 articles. The staff of the Lynn Library has access to great sources.

Sample Topics
Here are a few sample topics but do not limit yourself to considering only one of these. Scan through your text to find hundreds of others.  
Language development in childrensexuality
The genetics of temperamentreliability of eye witnesses
Selective attentionmemory loss
One of the sleep disordersone of the eating disorders
One of the psychological disordersdrug abuse for a specific drug
Operant conditioninglearning by observation
Peer pressureshort term memory
Intelligence testinganger management
Post partum depressionfetal alcohol syndrome
Sexual predator’ssexual orientation
Ostracismpsychology of yoga
Emotions and learningbullying
 Psychology of humorperception of music

Choose a topic with which you have some experience – either directly or from observing a friend or family member. This will provide you with a point of view from which to write your connection response.  

Format and Submission
A Connection Paper Form is posted in the Connection Paper folder in the Lessons section for you class. Check to be sure you can open the file well before you start to write your connection paper. The form is a Word® document and you must complete your...
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