The Effects of Steve Jobs and His Absence from Apple, Inc.

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The effects of Steve Jobs and his absence from Apple, Inc.

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The innovator of the decade co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs has been the face of success and advances that have changed not only technology but also the entire world forever. Unfortunately, the recent death of beloved co-founder left Apple with the question, will it be able to keep up its domination over the technology world even after his untimely death? With nearly a month since Steve Jobs has been gone, the question is still on everyone’s minds including the newest CEO, Tim Cook.

Apple is best known worldwide by males and females of just about any age group as top of the line, most reliable technology available. With its notorious advertisements including its symbol, almost anyone can spot an Apple billboard without any body copy. Found through our extensive research through the past few weeks, Apple’s well-known recognition of marketing and advertising campaigns truly reflects how well the company does as a whole. Even with its soaring price tag compared to other products such as cell phones and portable music players, consumers are not only purchasing but staying loyal. The laundry list of admirable campaigns that Apple has done made our study incredibly interesting, even in the midst of our study with Steve Jobs passing on. By using online surveys and focus groups we will explore the reasons behind the strong brand loyalty along with why or why not consumers are coming back for more.

The most successful products that Apple possesses include its computers, portable music players and cell phones. Our hypothesis is the following: we believe that even with Steve Jobs not being apart of the brilliance that goes into each product, brand loyalty will stay with a certain percent, but other consumers may not be as inclined to buy. The reason behind it is through our implications; innovation may not be as advanced or thriving without him. Through our surveys we have asked majority college students around Pace University here in Pleasantville how they feel about their futures or not with Apple.

After three focus groups and eighty-five surveys with twenty-five of them being on the internet, we prepared a questionnaire that covered every aspect of the consumer including the basic demographic and everything about their lives having to do technology. Just as we suspected, our hypothesis was majority correct. In each of the focus groups, Apple users reassured that they would stay loyal to the brand even with Steve Jobs being gone. However, a small percent of students did show a form of uncertainty when it came to their future with Apple products, feeling as if companies such as Verizon could surpass them with their recent innovations. In a situation such as this, the marketer cannot do much with consumers not wanting to buy because Steve Job’s is no longer around. What they can do is continue making the best top of the line technology to keep Apple lovers loyal to their company.

In 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wazniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Incorporation. Apple has grown into a multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. For 35 years, Apple has become the leading distributer in the categories they fall under with the guidance of Steve Jobs. August 26, 2011, Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple Incorporation. He states that he could “no longer meet [his] duties and expectations as Apple CEO.” October 5, 2011 Jobs died due to pancreatic cancer. When his resignation publicized, many felt that Apple would lose their touch on creating or producing new innovative ideas for Apple. The market problem that was focus: With the death of Steve Jobs, will Apple continue to produce innovative products? When losing a key factor to a company, at many times the company fails to continue the success.

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