The Logo of Apple: Visual Identity

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Visual Identity
Amber Hunnicutt
CGD 218
Ray Schafer
April 4, 2011

Visual Identity
I was first introduced to this logo while attending school. The logo belongs to the Apple Computer Company. Although this was not the original logo designed. The original logo was of a image of Sir Isaac Newton leaning against an apple tree with a portion of a William Wordsworth poem running around the border, designed by Ron Wayne in 1976.

One year later the design was changed to a visual graphic of an apple with a bite mark. “According to Janoff, the “bite” in the apple logo was originally implemented so that people would know that it represented an apple not a tomato. It also lent itself to a nerdy play on words (bite/byte), a fitting reference for a tech company” (Apple 2009). The apple was rainbow colored. This was believed to make the company more “humanize”. The color was not in any particular order, except for the green at the top were the leaf was. As time pasts the apple logo changed to the monochrome logo that represents the company today.

The graphic design being the shape of an apple remaining the same since 1977 represents the stability and core of the company, by not only standing behind the product but the logo, also. The basic design element was the color of the apple. The rainbow colors were eye catching. In the later years Jobs decided to use the logo on the products, realizing that the rainbow logo may look silly or childish. He decided to change the color to a monochrome design, giving a more flexible logo when it comes to branding the products.

Although, there is no talk of changing the graphic design, of the Apple Company any time soon. The basic elements may change, example the color or size, but the shape will always remain. For the apple with a bite mark is universally recognizable.

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