the lost steve jobs tape

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Article : “ The lost Steve Jobs Tapes”


Mr. Schlender starts by saying : “If Steve Jobs's life were staged as an opera, it would be a tragedy in three acts. And the titles would go something like this: Act I--The Founding of Apple Computer and the Invention of the PC Industry; Act II--The Wilderness Years; and Act III--A Triumphant Return and Tragic Demise.”

Steve Jobs was fired from Apple in 1985, After a couple of days he sold all but one of his Apples Share, and had a small fortune of 70 millions which helps him create another computer company, called NeXT. He wanted to create a vehicle for revolutionizing higher education with powerful, beautiful computers. According to the writer it was a bet that one day he would get the better of Apple.

While Steve Jobs was away from Apple he kept saying how the CEO John Sculley had "poisoned" the culture of the place. Mr. Schlender “As the years went by, and Apple's fortunes dimmed.” At NeXT, Steve Jobs raised over $100 millions to create great computers. But people would have to wait at least tow before NeXT delivers anything to them. When the NeXT computer came out it was a flop because it was to expensive to be able to reach a Big market. So Jobs helps create Pixar who was according to Schlender :“the purest corporate and organizational expression of his nature.”

In 1996 Jobs sold NeXT to Apple for $400 Millions and became Apples “iCEO”, with the i standing for what proved to be a deeply false "interim." According to the Writer. Mr Schlender continues by saying “The ensuing tale, the saga of the modern Apple, is simply the story of the man who emerged from that 11-year business school and implemented the lessons he had learned along the way. As was true when he started at Pixar and NeXT, Jobs had many of the details wrong when he first returned to the Apple helm.”


This article helped me understand a little more about Steve Jobs’s...
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