The most important characteristic of a leader and a leader with that characteristic. How he/she has inspired you?

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Whenever and wherever are gathered together in large number, they need a leader. Armies need general, companies need directors, civilians need government, etc. Definition of a leader has been defined by different people in different ways. Thus, what is the concrete definition of the word “leader”? Each of us will have our own different answer. In the dictionary, the word “leader” has been defined as a person who influences a group of people. For me, a leader is a person who can manage and lead a group of people to success. Therefore, they must have good leadership skills. And, the main factor of an efficient leadership is that he or she must have good vision.

Great leaders are able to see a future and can articulate, in crystal clear language, a strategic plan to get everyone there. There have been a lot of visionary leaders in the past, John F. Kennedy with his dream of putting man on the moon or Eleanor Roosevelt with her world of equality for women for example.Today, I would like to talk about another leader with great vision who led a company on the verge of bankruptcy to become one of the top multinational corporations in the world. That person is Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple Inc.

Steve managed to turn Apple into the most innovative company in the world. A company that all others aspire to be, whether they admit it or not. In spite of their best effort, Apple’s competitors are still years behind. All of these success comes from his ahead of time vision. Certainly today, his idea of “a personal computer for everyone” would have zero impact, but back in 1975, when the computer industry was, as Jobs put it, “young and idealistic,” it created a revolution which, quite literally, changed the world. In doing so, it turned Apple into a business icon, and Jobs into a genius.

Steve Jobs has turned fantasy into reality. Ten years ago, a phone with only one button on the surface is a distant, seemingly unheard of concept. But today, the world has grown...
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