The Qualities of Manager

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What are the qualities of an effective manager?
A manager is a person responsible for controlling or administering an organization or group of staff. In this essay, I will discuss some qualities of an effective manager. In order to efficiently perform these management functions, managers need to develop others, adaptability and role model. An effective manager needs to set an example to all staff of appropriate behaviour and performance standards. To manage staff, you need to become a good model for people to look at and follow you like going to work in time, work hard, etc. It is difficult to expect others to behave in a particular way if you don’t set an example. The best manager knows how and when to develop skill staffs. Developing others involves cultivating individual talents and motivating them to contribute their talents into productivity. As delegating the tasks for staff to perform their skills, setting boundaries so that people can take responsibility, give them opportunities to show their abilities and motivating people to find new ways. For example, Charles Schwab, was secretary of the steel king- Andrew Carnegie, who motivated his workers by encouraging their rivalry to enhance productivity. Moreover, the ability to adapt also contributes an effective manager. A good manager needs to adjust quickly with unexpected circumstances and lead his team adjust also well. Or a manage create new plans to develope company. For instance, Steve Jobs created new products as Macintosh clones, ipod, itunes, etc to develo Apple Company after difficult stages in 1997. He leaded apple company well base on changing in time, he was a brilliant manager. In conclusion, leading by example, being willing to create professional development opportunities for staff and being able to adapt are the qualities of an effective manager.
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