The Secret of Apple Stores: Retail Experience

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Apple Stores



The Secrets of Apple Stores: Retail Experience V.s Design Architect

Any successful company has a set of factors that get it to a level that other companies aim to be at. This company has not only flourished in designing the best mobile smartphone handsets, but other hand held and personal computer devices that have changed the world. The company’s success is also associated with its management and leadership which has promoted its public image and identity. The management, employees and customers, exhibit a style and behavior that has come to be known as the ‘Apple lifestyle effect’ (Coget, 2011). Apple’s retail architecture is something that keeps customers camping at the store fronts waiting for a new product launch. Loyalty is one factor that has kept the company going all the years.

Apple’s Retail Shopping Experience

According to Coget 2011, it is clear that the products and services that Apple offers always keeps the customers loyal. On the contrary, it is more than the product given the high rates that the products are sold at in the retail market. Apple staff and management have come up with extremely attractive ways of keeping customers glued to their products and services. The moment one enters an Apple store he/she experiences the Apple retail effect (Coget, 2011). The stores are beautifully organized and arranged to give the customers an ample shopping time and space to move around. The employees and staff are all relaxed and enthusiastic to serve the customers. They always greet the customers with a lot of enthusiasm and smiles making them feel appreciated. Moreover, they are dressed in colorful apple t-shits that bring the mood of a real exciting lifestyle (Coget, 2011). They are all truly connected to the brand and their company. Hafner 2007 also emphasizes the immense success that Apple has acquired through its retail stores. It is like once the customers are in the stores they...

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