The State of Texas

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Unit 1 Discussion

Unit 2 Discussion

Unit 3 Discussion - The Importance of Mission Statements
In preparation for your Discussion Question exercise, please read Chapter 2 Appendix, BB&T Vision, Mission, and Purpose on page 39 of your text. Post your answer in the threaded Discussion board along with your source citation in APA format.

BB&T Vision, Mission and Purpose statement is considered an exemplary Mission Statement. Please read it, comment on the positives and negatives of this statement, and defend your answer through APA citation. * Their vision and mission statements are straight to the point and short. The values are very lengthy and could be shortened drastically. Although it is something that some may be interested in, the general consensus is that it is too long. It includes all of the goals and strategies that the company would like to follow in the present and the future. The vision, "To create the best financial institution possible: "The Best of the Best" says it all. Unit 4 Discussion - External and Global Environment

Choose an industry in which you would like to compete globally. Use the Five-Forces method of analysis to explain why you find that industry attractive for business. 

Please remember to use APA citation (text and list references) to further validate your initial responses. Take time to review the responses of your classmates and provide your feedback. * One of the things that I would like to see go global is healthcare. Healthcare should be proved for everyone one on the world, Just the basics to start off with, Dental, physicals and things of that nature. As far as the five forces are concerned, Power of the buyers would limited for the time being, however will take off in the long run. Power of the suppliers would also be limited for the time being. However when the world finds out when people are helping individuals that are in basic needs of help, this is when the world tends to open their eyes because everyone likes to be recognized for doing good so others. There really is not a threat to begin with however, in the long run there will be. New entrants will be limited because not everyone can go and open shop in another country. The competition will be limited. Healthcare is not cheap and this is probably the reason that we do not offer it or extend the services. There is not a substitute for healthcare. Medications maybe but not the general services.

I don’t know if I understood what the question was asking and if I answered it right but I gave it a shot. Unit 5 Discussion - Internal Analysis and Long-Term Objectives Explain how you might use VCA, RBV, and SWOT analyses to get a better sense of what might be a firm’s key building blocks for a successful strategy. Choose a Fortune 1000 company to demonstrate these analyses mentioned.

Take time to review the responses of your fellow learners and provide your feedback. Cite your sources in APA citation, format, and style. * How would I use VCA, RBV and SWOT analyses to get a better sense of what might be Wal-Mart Corporation’s key building blocks for a successful strategy?

Value chain analyses, or VCA is defined as, “Attempts to understand how a business creates customer value through the examination of the contributions of different activities within the business to that value”. (Pearce & Robinson, 2011) Maximizing value means maximizing profit, and for a large corporation such as Wal-Mart, with many share holders, maximizing profit is a necessity. In order to gain a clear understanding of what might be Wal-Mart’s key building blocks for adding value to their company it is important to first identify all of Wal-Mart’s main business components. Once these components are identified improvements can be made. For instance, in a value chain analyses Wal-Mart might find it beneficial to improve upon their customer support, or marketing strategy.

Resource based view, or RBV is defined as, “A method...
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