The Value of Recruitment and Selection to Business Organization

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Human Resource Management Coursework

The Value of Recruitment and Selection to Business Organization

Table of Content
2. Literature Review3
2.1 The Process of The Recruitment and Selection3
2.1.1 Recruitment5
2.1.2 Selection7
3 Case Study Analysis9
3.1 Case Description9
Case One: Barclaycard International Case9
Case Two: The Selection and Recruitment in Chinese Multinational Enterprises Case10
3.3 Summarize the Similarities and Differences of Two Case Studies13

Previous to the 1980s, the terms of personnel and employee champion were used to describe the people management in an organization, which considered HR is one of the valuable resources, which should to be managed as efficiently and effectively as any other resource (Foot and Hook, 2008). With the deeper research on organization management, it can be found that ‘Human Resource Management’ has a significant increasing on noticed by people, because of strong relationship between organization performance and effective HRM (Storey, 1995; Kaufman, 2007; Redman & Wilkinson, 2009). Mullins (2008) pointed out the key objective of HR manager is to select the suitable person to the right position, which means the recruitment and selection acted an important role in HRM (Rynes etc, 1980; Timothy, 1992). This report will discuss the value of HRM to the business organization by focusing on the recruitment and selection theory. Firstly, a literature review discussed with a deep analysis on the theories about the purpose of recruitment and selection, recruitment, selection, selection methods, following the process of recruitment and selection. And then, two case studies will be analyzed, used as examples to show what is the value of HRM to a business organization.

2. Literature Review
The objective of recruitment and selection is to find out a most suitable person from a wide range of suitable applicants through a fair and organized process with a set of assessments or tests (Foot and Hook, 2008; van der Wagen, 2007; Kristof-Brown et al., 2005). It is identified a set of the staffing practices should be used to find out a candidate, who may be satisfied with the position or organization (Terpstra & Rozell, 1993). However, the selection process may influence the candidate’s level of fit, thus, in this session, the theory of recruitment and selection will be deeply analyzed (Saks & Ashforth, 1997). 2.1 The Process of The Recruitment and Selection

With the research on recruitment and selection, the process of recruitment and selection can be divided into four stages, which includes job analysis, job description, person specific analysis, recruitment, selection and evaluation (See Figure 2.1-1). In the first stage, it contains the job analysis, job description and person specific analysis, which summarized the basic information on the job position (Lepak & Goman, 2010; Mckenna & Beech, 2008). The information, analyzed in this stage, is required to be clear and fair, ensuring the HR manager can find a job-fit person to the position as well as clearly understanding stand of job and measuring the fit by candidates (CIPD, 2006; Paddison, 1990). On the other side, considered the strong relationship between individual’s attitude on job, which can be influenced by several of indirect or direct factors, such as environment factor and organization performance, the element needs to be fully considered with several essential frameworks, such as Fraser’s Five-fold Framework (1978) and Rodger’s Seven Point Plan (1952), in order to reduce the cost on maximizing the job satisfaction in the future with closely related the objective and developing strategy of organization (Singh et al., 2012; Schuler & Jackson, 1999; Wright et al., 2003; Ivancevich et al., 1997; Judge et al., 2002; Zettler et al., 2011; Barrick & Mount, 1991; Salgado, 1997). Figure 2.1-1 The Process of...
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