The White Umbrella

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The White Umbrella
The narrator of The White Umbrella is ashamed of her mom because she works. Throughout the story, she begins to have a different perspective of her mom.
In the end of The White Umbrella, she respects her mom and realizes that her mom likes to have a job. One of the things that helps her to realize that is she sees how much she loves working. Her mom says on page 332, ““A promotion already!” she said finally.” Her mom likes her job. The narrator learns that she loves her mom no matter what she does when they get in a wreck. The narrator says “”Mom!” I screamed. “Mom! Wake up!”” Luckily, no one was hurt and she comes to realize that she does not care that her mom has a job.

Back in the beginning, she is ashamed that her mom works even though she does not know where she is working. The narrator explains this when she is having a conversation with her mom; “”Lots of people’s mothers work.” “Those are American people,” I said.” In addition, she does not mention her mom’s job to her piano teacher because she is so ashamed and she and her sister have to walk to practice because of this. ““I don’t think so,” said Mona as we walked to our piano lesson after school.”

In the middle of the story, her mom tells her where she is working, but is even more disappointed. She still thinks it is like being poor. The narrator asks her mom to quit. Another reason why she does not want her to work is that the mom forgot them at practice. “” My mother’s almost here,” I said “she’s on her way.”…“…You’ve been out here an hour already.””

She was ashamed of her mom working but now does not mind that her mother has a job as long as she is happy. The narrator of The White Umbrella reconsiders her mother working throughout the story.
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