Thomas Greene Paper

Topics: Vice President of the United States, Political philosophy, Power Pages: 3 (1064 words) Published: September 11, 2012

Thomas Green Paper
Cotina Taylor
Grand Canyon University-LDR 610
August 15, 2012

Thomas Green Paper
A person’s success in the organization not only depends on his or her personality but it is also based on how well he or she resolves conflicts. To successfully manage interpersonal relationships in the corporate world the power and influential structures have to be understood within the organization. Developing effective work relationships can cause satisfaction, high job performances and avoidable conflicts. This case study is an excellent example of how work styles and politics within the organization can result in a career crisis. Thomas Greene was promoted to a senior specialist after just six short months on the job. Greene, who was discovered in a training seminar by Vice President Shannon McDonald, promoted him to the position after a short tenure with the organization (Sasser 2008). Green and McDonald were both natives of Georgia and they both graduated from the University of Georgia (Sasser 2008). Shortly thereafter Green met the Director of Marketing and his new boss, Frank Davis. Green’s job responsibilities ranged from identifying new trends, reviewing new business prospects, and establish sales goals. Davis and Green did not see eye to eye on their very first meeting in reference to regional sales goals. Davis thought Green should be willing to take on new perspectives on a day to day basis and develop aggressive growth strategies (Sasser 2008). Green did not meet the expectations of Davis. After two months as senior market specialist Davis emailed McDonald in reference to Green’s personality. Davis’s opinions of Green did not stop there. He also gave Green a poor informal evaluation. The major factor that affected Green evaluation was that Davis could not reach him because he was not keeping his calendar up to date. Davis wanted to keep track of the assignments that he had given Green. He also...

References: Sasser, W. Earl and Bechkam, Heather (2008). Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis.
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