Three most important elements that contribute to success in business doing.

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Three most important elements that contribute to success in business doing.
It is said that, “nothing ventured, nothing gained” to indicate that someone should do business if he or she wants to be rich. However, business is not easy and being successful in business doing is a more difficult thing. I myself think that there are three most important elements that contribute to success in business doing.

First and foremost, One of the most important factor that contributes to success in business doing is the employer. In fact, the leaders are who set up and operate different components of a business such as: direction in enterprise, human supervision, choosing target markets and calling for investment. Actually, in order to establish a business, presidents have to carefully think about what they will sell and who their customers are. In addition, good employers will know how to find out best employees who also contribute to success of business and have flexible and suitable policies to keep employees’ faithful for a long time. Moreover, they themselves will discovery potential markets with various ways and develop it the support of effective co-workers. Another hard responsibility of masters is calling for investment. It is a difficult progress that requires them to concentrate their own capacity and experiences to convince investors believe in their products and potential developing in the future. So, the leaders who make huge and main success of a enterprise.

Another main element contributing to success in business doing is the government support. In order to create favorable conditions for businessmen, the government may offer preferential policy in tax. Accordingly, there will be a period of 5-10 years when businessmen enjoy tax exemption or reduction. Furthermore, the government may give priority to businessmen by assigning land plots as business location with low land use right. There will be more support in site clearance, too. Businessmen can have...
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