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Topics: Leadership, Steve Jobs, Management Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: November 25, 2014
 TIM COOK All the great personalities have greater leadership qualities in them. On my personal view, i admire all the leaders and even critise them for their few negetive traits but in my recent days the person named, “Tim Cook” have got my attention. The reason is he confessed in the public that he is a gay! and this caused a controversy all over the world. I wondered who is he and why people are giving more importance to him and that is when i learned that Tim cook is the CEO of the famous Apple company. After learning who he was and what he has become in the recent days and some of his unique leadership qualities made me to admire him as a leader. And not just a leader but a inspirational person to most of the people. Tim cook – born as a third son to his parents completed his MBA and then worked in many famous and big organisation including IBM has one among it. Then, he moved to Apple and became the pillar for the transportation boom in apple. He supported apple in the worst starting stage of the company, by giving the most innovative ideas and development features. "He's no Steve Jobs" are words that are often spoken in comparing Cook to the legendary founder of Apple, and while that certainly may be true, Cook has strengths of his own. Under his leadership Apple has become a much more socially aware company, working to improve conditions in overseas factories and aiming to reduce pollution caused by data centers and the devices themselves. Here are some leadership qualities that tim cook possess:

1.Diversity of leadership is massively important:
"We want diversity of thought," he says. "We want diversity of style. These are the words told by Tim cook, He want people to be themselves. They don't have to be somebody else. They don't have to put on a face when they go to work and be something different. These things makes people to brought together by values amd it makes them to the right thing. He...
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