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Mr. Morris
English 9R Period:

Grade 9 Research Project

Individuals with Disabilities:
Using a Variety of Sources to Explore and Understand a Disability or
How are individuals affected by a disability?

Directions: You will research and write a paper addressing the following questions – • What are the symptoms/effects of this disability?
• What is the history of this disability?
• Who are pioneers in dealing with / handling the disability? • What is it like to live with this disability?
• What are some of the advancements in treating/curing this disability? • Who are some well-known individuals who are/have been afflicted with this disability?

This research project will help you explore these questions in relation to a disability. You will search library resources for information about a disability and summarize what you have learned to share with the class.

Step 1: Choose a disability: _________________________________________________

Step 2: Finding information –
• Using the Destiny OPAC, find a book source on your topic. When you have found a book with information you can use for your paper, be sure to create a source card. • Using an online database, find an article that will help you with this project. Print or photocopy the information you find. Create a source card. • Search the Internet for a reliable web site. Fill out the Web Site Evaluation form for the web site you have chosen. Be sure to create a source card when you find a web site that will help you with this project.

Step 4: Take notes

Step 5: Write your research report.

Research Report: Individuals with Disabilities

Task: Write a three page (typed, double-spaced) report on what you have found in your research on the issue of individuals with disabilities. You should include in your report elements such as those below:

• Explanation of the disability
• History of the...

Cited: bibliography, and, if applicable, an additional list of “Works Consulted”
Follow-up Task: After completing the report, make a brief oral presentation to the class summarizing your findings and stating your personal reaction to what you discovered about the disability and what people can do to assist individuals with the disability.
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