Topics: Citation, Bibliography, The Chicago Manual of Style Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: June 22, 2015
Topic: \"Telecommunications\" versus \"Information Services\" Regulations and Laws No of Sources: 10
Citation Style: APA
Word Count: 3000 words
Hello, this paper is more of a compare and contrast of the two. Information Services and Telecommunications. Introduction
Clearly introduces and defines the telecommunications policy issue and explains why the issue is important. Sets the foundation for the paper. 10
Examine the view that suggests that the FCC should regulate VoIP technology (or your technology of choice), and then discuss the implications of federal regulation for key stakeholders (telecommunication and technology companies, the consumer, and other business and industries).

Contrast and compare the benefits and risk to society if there is federal regulation in this technology area as compared to past successful or unsuccessful federal regulation of telecommunications technologies. To what extent should there be federal regulation and what elements would your policy recommendation include to the FCC? Include current information on how the FCC regulates VoIP. If you believe that VoIP should not be regulated at all, provide your rationale; otherwise, include your suggestions for how the FCC should regulate VoIP and the rationale. Please examine and discuss each element of this Objective. 50

Transition Paragraphs/Sentences
Clear connections should be established between the pieces of the paper, including the VoIP area; the analysis should utilize at least 3 Telecommunications Law theories discussed in the course.

Application of Telecommunications Law & Theory
Apply at least 3 of the Telecommunication Law Regulation theories learned this semester to the telecommunications policy issue to determine how each theory would address your issue of choice. 50
Summarize what your paper discussed and the conclusion(s) you reached in the paper. 25
Style Points
The research paper is 10 to 15...

Cited: page).
Sources cited and documented using APA style. (See the Webliography for APA resources and post any questions you may have in the weekly Q&A.)
Paper written in 12 point Times New Roman or Arial font.
Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and word usage (including proper use of specialized telecom terms). Sentences should be well-formed with subjects and predicates. Solid proofreading should be obvious. Remember to not place blind trust in your spell-checker, e.g., site, sight, cite, etc.
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