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This paper template is formatted based on the guidelines given in Kate L. Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses and Dissertations, 7th edition.ADDIN RW.CITE{{14 Turabian,Kate L. 2007}} Is Turabian style the same as Chicago style? According to “A Note to Students” at the beginning of the manual, the answer is affirmative: Most commonly known to its dedicated users as “Turabian,” the name of the original author, A Manual for Writers is the authoritative student resources on “Chicago style.” If you are writing a research paper, you may be told to follow Chicago style for citations and for issues of mechanics, such as capitalization and abbreviations. Chicago style is widely used by students in all disciplines. For citations, you may use one of two styles recommended by Chicago. In the humanities and some social sciences, you will likely use notes-bibliography style, while in the natural and physical sciences (…) you may use parenthetical citations-reference list (or “author-date”) style. A Manual for Writers explains and illustrates both styles.ADDIN RW.CITE{{14 Turabian,Kate L. 2007}}

Because the quotation above is more than five lines long, it has been formatted as a block quotation. For shorter quotations, Turabian directs you to “run it into your text and enclose it in quotation marks.”ADDIN RW.CITE{{14 Turabian,Kate L. 2007}} Remember that summarizing and paraphrasing are also good options for incorporating sources into your writing without directly quoting, but these options still require you to cite the source in a footnote. See Appendix A for some principles to help you decide when to summarize, paraphrase or quote. The citation information you put in your footnotes will be repeated in your bibliography with a few small formatting changes. The footnotes put the author’s first name first, but in your bibliography the author’s last name is listed first. The use of page numbers also changes between footnotes and bibliography: in the footnote, you must include the page number that your cited material comes from. In the bibliography, you include page numbers for the start and end pages of a journal article or book chapter only. Can you make the computer format citations for you? There are a couple of options available. If you have only a few items for your works cited page, a free web service like http://www.bibme.org or some of the sites listed on the UNLV Libraries web site will automatically generate citations that will be close to the correct format. Many online journals and databases from the library web site (like Ebsco’s Academic Search Premier) will also try to create automatically formatted citations for you. It’s a good idea to do a reality check whenever you use machine-generated citations to make sure that they are correct. If you are working on a larger project, you might consider trying RefWorks, an online citation manager available from the UNLV Libraries. You can save the information about the books and articles you’re using to your personal RefWorks account, then use its tools to automatically generate both footnote citations and the bibliography in Microsoft Word. However, it takes some time and effort to set up a RefWorks account and learn the basics – if you only need one or two citations formatted, doing it with RefWorks is like using a bulldozer to plant one tomato plant. See Appendix B for specific instructions on how to create Turabian-style footnotes using RefWorks.

This template has been brought to you by the UNLV Libraries. Visit our web site at http://library.unlv.edu to discover sources for your research paper in our print and online collections, and use our phone, chat or text help service for immediate help if you have questions about creating citations in Turabian style....

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