Typhoon Haiyan

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H1008 Current Events
Goals for this project:
To understand the overall importance of being aware of current events. For this project you will choose a news story that happened in the past week and either read an article about it (print or online), or watch the entire coverage of it on television. You will then answer the following questions in a list format. (Label your answer with the corresponding question.) Make sure you answer each question adequately. 1. What news story did you read about or watch? Give a short summary. What was the source that you got this information from? The Haiyan Super Typhoon was the most power typhoon ever recorded. It hit the island country of the Philippines with horrible devastation. As many as 10,000 people may have died. The small town of Tacloban, Philippines story of suffering with little aid and no medicine is described in the CNN article “Typhoon Haiyan: No medicine, little aid at Tacloban clinic” (“Thyphoon Haiyan”). The information was from the CNN web site 2. Why was this story reported on? Why would people want to read about it? What makes this important? This was the most powerful storm ever recorded with the highest wind speed. Many people died during this storm even with advanced warning. 3. Do you think any information is missing from this story that should have been included? What else do you want to know? I might what to know why aren’t they getting any help. 4. Where do you think you could find the answers to these questions? List possible resources. TV, internet, magazines, radio. 5. Find this news story as covered by a different newspaper or news channel. What are the differences between the ways the stories are portrayed? Is one representation of the story biased? If so, how? This story was covered by everyone and the stories all seem the same. 6. Based on this conclusion, do you have any concerns about the trustworthiness of media sources? If so, what? I have no reason not to trust this source. 7. Do you think something should be done to address this event and its results? What and by whom? Why aren’t more countries helping with this horrible disaster. 8. What are the possible outcomes for this event? What will happen if action is not taken versus if action is taken? Many of the kids will die if they are not helped. 9. What are the consequences of ignoring current events as they unfold? Countries with limited resources have a hard time in dealing with large scale natural disasters. 10. Why is it important to be aware of current events? So that you repeat past mistakes. _____________________

Remember to use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling when typing your essay. Remember, all projects must follow the Academy's guidelines concerning plagiarism and MLA formatting for the citation of sources.

Source citation will be graded based on the following:
Did the student include parenthetical citations within the body of his/her report any time he/she summarized or quoted a source? Are the parenthetical citations in proper format (MLA)?
Is the works cited page in proper format (MLA)?
Because it is very important to avoid even unintentional copying, any project submitted without a works cited page (when one is necessary) will be returned to you in order for you to add it. You will then need to resubmit the project for grading after you have added the works cited page. You can refer to the Academy’s document on MLA format, found on the Academy’s online resource center - www.aoacademy.com/resources, for additional assistance. Notice

Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for any Academy project and may not be used.  Contributors to Wikipedia sometimes plagiarize other sources or submit erroneous information. Be sure to use primary sources and cite your sources in accepted MLA (Modern Language Association) format.

 Go to “Citing Sources” in our online Resource Center for help. 

Projects will be graded according to a...

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