Unit 2

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Unit 2 – Business Resources
Investigating Business Resources

Part 1
Apple Inc. manages their human resources by having different staff members in charge of different sections. For example, there are a certain amount of staff that is in charge of managing the ‘Genius Bar’ in each Apple Store. They help the customers with their products; to find solutions or alternatives to their faulty products.

There are also members who manage the bookings and appointments for customers. An appointment can either be booked online or at the Apple Store with one of these members of staff.

Staffing to meet changing business demands
Apple may keep a Human Resource Information System (HRIS); which is a system where information about employees is stored. It includes information such as the kind of training each employee has received and how long for.

Staff can receive training such as: assembling and disassembling products, how to operate the software and equipment, etc.

Co-ordination of team resources to meet targets
Some staff are more skilled in one division than others, so it’s important that they work together to meet targets quicker. When selling a product in Apple, one member of staff would handle the sales and the other would assist the customer with setting up the product (if the customer wishes them to do so).

Monitoring of team performance
It is crucial that a team’s performance is monitored to ensure that they are making progress and to improve their routine. Apple does this by the Human Resource manager doing an evaluation on each of their employees. If the employee does not meet up to the staffing standards, he or she may need to have additional training.

Establishment of professional culture
This is the way that employees behave in the organisation, including the level of formality that is being used between each employee. In Apple, the employees share a friendly and professional relationship with each other. This creates a friendly and...
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