Unit 8 Legal Research

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Legal research| July 27
| Unit 8|

Section one:
566 A.2d227
Blue book citation:
Ruetgers-Nease Chemical Co. V. Firemen’s Ins. Of Newark, 566 A.2d 277 (NJ 1989) Parallel citation:
Ruetgers-Nease Chemical Co. V. Firemen’s Ins. Of Newark, 236 N.J.Super. 473, 566 A.2d 227 (1989) First case to cite this case:
Rhulen Agency V. Alabama Ins. Guar. Ass’n, 896 F.2d 674 (N.Y 1990) First case to critize the case:
Texas Property and Cas Ins. Guar. Ass’n V. Boy Scouts of America, 947 S.W. 2d 682 (1997) Positive treatment:
General Elec.Co. V. California Ins. Guar. Ass’n 997 S.W.2d 923 (1999) This case appears under the possiitve section and has 3 green stars which means there is a substantial discussion of the case being more then a paragraph and less than a whole page. Still valid law:

Yes this case is still valid law. It has received yellow flag meaning it is associated with some negative history but has not been reversed or overruled. Section Two:
543 F.2d 312
Blue book citation:
U.S. v. Crowder 543 F.2d 312 (1976)
How many cases followed this case:
Four cases have followed this case.
Law reviews to cite this case:
Twenty seven law reviews have cited this case.
First law review to cite this case:
Bodily Evidence And Rule 312, M.R.E, Army Law. 35,35 (1980)

Section three:
297 N.E.2d 122
Blue book:
City of Moraine v. Baker 77, 297 N.E.2d 122 (1971)
Total times case has been cited:
This case has been cited a total of six times.
Is the case still good law and how do you know?
This case has a red flag which means that it is no longer good law. It could have been declared unconstitutional or pre-empted.

Section four:
639 N.E.2d 1003
Blue book citation:
Decker V. St. Mary’s Hosp. 639 N.E.2d 1003 (1994) Parallel citation:
Decker v. St. Mary’s Hosp. 266 Ill.App.3d 523, 639 N.E.2d 1003, 203 Ill.Dec. 444 (1994) Has the case been overruled?
Yes this case has been overruled by the following case cited below. Blue...
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