Use of Artifacts in Nonverbal Commuication

Topics: Ear, Body modification, Joan of Arc Pages: 1 (441 words) Published: April 15, 2012
After going through chapters dedicated to clothes and accessories I became much more attentive to people’s look. I took note of all artifacts I saw at people around me for one day and here want to describe a few of them. First, one of my friends always wears a family ring with his family code of arms on it. It’s a big heavy gold ring, which he gladly shows everyone and describes it’s meaning to anyone willing to know. He came from an aristocratic French family, one of his ancestors was Joan of arc. It’s extremely interesting to observe this friend, because all his views and behavior fits my idea of how European aristocrats should be. So meeting one in America was kind of a luck for me. I don’t think if I saw such ring on another person it would have different perception of the person or meaning of the artifact itself. I would say that such types of artifacts are so rare nowadays that any person with a ring like my friend’s would amaze me. Second artifact that stood out for me was my another friend’s piercing. As long as I know her she was always afraid of pain and told me that didn’t consider piercing or tattoos. Nevertheless this year when we were at San Francisco something has changed. Together with our male friend they pierced ears. When I saw her afterwards she looked so happy about it that I immediately understood that this piercing has a special meaning for her and will always remind of this guy we are friends with. Piercing of ear is not something significant and I wouldn’t pay much attention to it I saw it on another person, but in this situation I got the meaning, hopefully the guy got it too. In this situation status, culture or gender don’t play much role. Piercing usually has meaning from self-presentation to rebellious action, but rarely as a dedication to another person. Third group of artifacts I want to describe is artifacts of construction workers I see in the South Lake village everyday. They wear hardhats, gloves and gloves while working. This...
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