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Topics: Central processing unit, Computer architecture, Bit Pages: 4 (605 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Computer Architecture and Assembly Language – Midterm 2011
1.In instruction ADC the operands can be
oTwo register only
oTwo register and one memory location
oCF and two other operands
oZF and two other operands

2.After the execution of instruction “RET”
oSP is incremented by 2
oSP is decremented by 2
oSP is incremented by 1
oSP is decremented by 1

3.The extended ASCII has
o64 characters
o128 characters
o256 characters
o502 characters

4.The second byte in the word designated for screen location holds oThe dimension of the screen
oCharacter position on the screen
oCharacter color on the screen
oACSII code of the character

5.REP will always
oIncremented CX by 1
oIncremented CX by 2
oDecremented CX by 1
oDecremented CX by 2

6.The routine that executes in response to an INT instruction is called oISR

7.The iAPX888 architecture consists of _______ register.

8.In the instruction “CMP AX,BX” the contents of
oAX are changed
oBX are changed not conformed
oCX are changed
oFlag register are changed

9.All the addressing mechanisms iniAPX88 return a number called ______ address. oeffective

10.The execution of the instruction “mov word [ES: DI], 0x0720” owill clear next character on screen
owill print “20” at top left of the screen
owill print “20” at top right of the screen
owill move DI at location 0720 on the screen

11.“mov byte [num1],5” is _______ instruction.
ostack based
omemory indirect

12.MOV instruction transfers a byte or word from which of the following source location. oDS:DI

13.The execution of the instruction “mov word [ES: 0], 0x0741” will print “A” on the screen, color of the character will be oBlack

14.If AX contains FFFFh, then after execution of instruction “SAL ax, 3”, the result will be...
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