Topics: Money, Steve Jobs, Better Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Don’t forget to phone the office! She told him
← She reminded him to phone the office.
1. He was so sad as he got a very bad mark in English.
← If he hadn’t been sad, he would have got a very bad mark in English. 2. He’s so poor that he can’t buy a small flat
← He can’t have enough money to buy a small flat.
3. Though you may be very intelligent, you should be careful ← No matter how intelligent you are, you should be careful. 4. The prescription has brought about the expected results because the chemicals were properly combined ← Because of combining the chemicals properly, the prescription has brought about the expected results. 5. We spent five hours getting to LonDon

← It took five hours for us to get to LonDon.
6. I’m sorry I interrupted your dinner
← I apologize for interrupting your dinner.
7. If I were you I’d look for anther job
← I suggest that you look for another job.
8. They last visited me five years ago
← They haven’t visited me for five years.
9. Because of her efforts, she succeeded in work
← Because she made her efforts, she succeeded in work. 10. Mary didn’t apply for the job in library and she regrets it now ← Mary wishes she had applied for the job in library.
11. It is belived that the man escaped in a stolen car
← The man is believed to have escaped in a stolen car. 12. Someone is going to tune my piano tomorrow
← I’m going to be tuned my piano tomorrow.
13. I’m always nervous when I travel by car
← Travelling by car always make me nervous.
14. Handicapped people find shopping in supermarkets difficult ← It’s difficult for handicapped people to shop in supermarkets. 15. I advised you to put your money in the bank
← You’d better put your money in the bank.
16. The reason why I came here was solely to try and improve conditions ← As I wanted to try and improve conditions, I came here. 17. She bought that house...
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