Week 1 Assignment

Topics: Citation, Research, Reference Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: February 1, 2015
What is research and its purpose in academic writing? Research is the process of finding information through various mediums to increase an individual’s knowledge about a certain subject. Research is a lengthy procedure by reading up on the subject, differentiating between fact and fiction, and playing with ideas from different views. Research is not finding a few web sites and compiling some information. The purpose of research in academic writing is to form new ideas or thesis about a subject and communicate the new information through writing. This can be done by exploring, arguing, and analyzing. Finding credible sources is critical in academic writing and giving credit to the original source is mandatory. What qualifies as effective research? Effective research is accurate based on the source used. The research can be verified by other parties through citations and references. Future research can be assisted through the present research and results or conclusions are clear and understandable.

Explain basic research terminology and the various directions of research. Basic research terminology will help in understanding the information being read. Examples of basic terminology are: data, dependent variable, experimental group, internal validity, median, random sample, reliability, validity, and statistics.

What are the differences between primary and secondary research? Primary research is research conducted by the individual or group. Secondary research is research conducted by someone else. Primary research is more time consuming and can cost more. Coordinating time and traveling to interview someone to gather new information is not easy. For example, a student is curious about sexual harassment during basic training. First the choice of training facility has to be made, then approval from the authorities needs to be granted, then trainers willing to discuss the topic have to be found, and during this time travel and accommodations have to be...
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