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Writing Assignment

The purpose of this writing assignment is to give students a chance to delve into the health, wellness and physical activity literature and to show their understanding of said material by providing a brief synopsis and discussion. The following are the guidelines for this assignment:

1. Students must utilize multiple sources. Two of these sources must come from academic journals. 2. The body of the paper should include three parts:
a. An introduction to the overall theme of your paper. You should identify what the thesis of your paper is going to be.
b. A brief synopsis of the main themes/components.
c. A discussion which examines these themes in depth and how the content relates to the subject matter we are discussing or are going to discuss in class. d. A summary which synthesizes all of the material you have discussed throughout your paper into a couple of clear, concise paragraphs 3. DO NOT PLAGERIZE OR COPY MATERIAL OFF OF THE

4. Do not just summarize the material. I want you to think critically about the material and use your own application! 5. Include a bibliography page.

The fine print:
There is no specific page length for this paper. You are to include enough information to cover the topic thoroughly. If you need suggestions on length I would suggest that to do it less than 5 pages (reference page doesn’t count) would be insufficient. Additionally, you may add any information beyond that which is required if you think it will be useful. This can include, but is not limited to photographs, charts, and statistics. You should use APA style where appropriate in the paper (12 pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, proper citing etc.). Include your reference page listing the sources for your information. If you need help with APA style format please visit the ETSU writing center. They can be reached at 439-8202. Points will be deducted for improper format or errors. I will be happy to read any...
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