What Are the Chief Elements of Apple’s Overall Competitive Strategy? How Well Do the Pieces Fit Together? Is the Strategy Evolving?

Topics: Apple Inc., IPhone, App Store Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: August 3, 2012
According to Steve Jobs Apple’s strategy has been and continues to be one of both innovation and disruptive innovation while at the same time using a differentiating strategy to separate itself from the competition. This strategy allows Apple to set the standard in a number of different industries while retaining proprietary rights for its products. This strategy has kept them in front of the competition in new product introduction and on the improvements of existing ones. Apple’s utilizes its proprietary rights on all fronts, unlike the PC world where the windows operating system runs on machines manufactured by a host of manufacturers, Apple has differentiated itself by manufacturing its own personal computers and the software that runs it. This has allowed them to be very flexible in developing new products and designs as they have complete control over the software and hardware. Apple has also tapped into the power of application development by creating a new wave of software developers. These software developers write Apps for Apple’s Iphone (smartphones) and Ipad (Smart tablets) and sell them to Apple’s customers through App Store another medium controlled by Apple. Apple has invisibly made these software developers shareholders of Apple. These software developers write top notch Apps (over 60,000 and counting) that adds value to Apple and strengthens its market share. This gives more incentive for more developers to join the bandwagon and the cycle just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Another differentiating point is apple’s Ipad as it separated itself not only from the non-Apple products (PCs and Smartphones and other tablets) it differentiated itself from its own products the Mac book and the Iphone, yet it was able to integrate with them both. Apple’s strategy has always been one that is evolving. They started with the computer and migrated to digital electronics and personal music devices. Apple’s new product offering has either shaped the social...
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