What Are The Consequences Of Cutting Do

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Oxygen, Nitrogen Pages: 2 (1130 words) Published: November 17, 2014
What are the consequences of cutting down trees?
There are many consequences for the environment of cutting down trees. Known as deforestation it has huge effects on the environment. It one very big effect is the loss of biodiversity which is a direct effect of cutting down trees. There are many reasons of which humans act out deforestation. For example is so that we can set up cattle farms. Also grow crops of which can then be sold to people. Another reason is for urbanisation and for the building of roads. However what people don’t know as a risk of cutting down trees is that many pharmaceutical companies produce their medicines from resources found in rainforest and so cutting trees down in these areas can mean the lack of useful medicines for western use this is because 25% of western medicine comes from such rainforests. Many balanced cycles rely on tress in order for them to work. Without these cycles can be interrupted and have catastrophic results for the environment. The carbon cycle is one of the cycles of which is greatly affected by trees and the lack of trees would have a very bad effect in many ways. With the cutting down of trees there would be less photosynthesis and therefore there would be less oxygen produced. Also the lack of trees would mean an abundance of carbon dioxide as there would be no trees to use it up. And the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide would mean huge amounts of carbon dioxide in the air this would then cause global warming due to the greenhouse effect. There would also be less carbon compounds of which could be provided to animals through the carbon cycle. This would cause death of animals as carbon compounds of which come from trees are key in healthy developing life. Due to the cutting down of trees of which they would then be discarded or use in another way this would halt the normal decay process of which trees go through when the naturally fall and decay. The lack of this process would mean the lack of fossil...
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