What Is Plagerism

Topics: Citation, Reference, Bibliography Pages: 3 (715 words) Published: October 28, 2013
Executive Summary

This is the executive summary of the article “What Is Plagiarism?” The summary includes (1) citing sources, (2) paraphrasing, (3) using the internet, (4) running out of time, (5) citing properly, (6) collaborating, (7) knowing how to cite, (8) being accused, and (9) citing work under copyright. Citing Sources

Using the words of others in a paper can often times be necessary. However, using those words without citing the source is considered plagiarism. Anyone citing a source in their paper must put the phrase or words in quotation marks and reference the author. While this is perfectly acceptable, writers must beware of using to many citations within their papers, for this often shows a lack of intelligence and creativity. Writers also need to be careful of taking vocabulary words or phrases that the author has used to say a lot with a little, and using them in their paper without citation. These are called characteristic phrases. Students should construct papers using original thoughts and words, only adding quotes when necessary to provide support while making sure to include proper citations. Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is taking the work of someone else and rewording it for personal use. Paraphrasing must be cited just like quotes. This is not only for the reader’s purposes but also for the writer to remember where the information came from. As long as the main point and argument is the same as the source, even if some of the wording is different, it still needs to be cited. Using the Internet

The Internet has become an extremely large source of information that can be gathered very quickly. However, it is even easier than ever for students to cut and paste from other sources, or even access whole papers. Students should avoid cutting and pasting into word. Also, citing along the way instead of at the end can help students avoid forgetting to do it later and committing plagiarism. Running Out of Time

Many students find...
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