What Made Me Quit My Job

Topics: Self-esteem, Employment, 2007 singles Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: September 14, 2013
Employee retention or employee turnover depends majorly on employee’s job satisfaction. In my observation people rarely leave job because they are satisfied and happy with it. There are some or other reasons which stimulate this action however can be viewed into either systematic or random situations leading to job change.

Some systematic issues are poor growth avenues, uncaring or incompetent supervisor, subpar salary, poor benefits, company’s long term future/stability, workload distribution and poor company management. These issues are typically pre-existing which come to employees attention as he/she spends more time with the company.

Random situations such as employee’s career focus, family situation, unable to commit to long hours and change in spouse’s work conditions would suddenly appear prompting employee to change job.

I have performed two jobs in this course of my life and I was happy in both of my jobs because I loved the job I was doing. But what led my decision to quit was my supervisor. Job satisfaction really depends upon the people you will interface in your work environment. Both jobs presented challenging work schedule with long hours however I still loved doing them because they I was growing and satisfied with the work itself.

However, I worked for a very insecure and uncaring supervisor that eventually led me to leave the job. She believed that easily available boss is not a good boss and it was her way of showing authority. This comes in the way of employee growth because interaction is essential to learn and apply in company environment. She was very particular about rules and regulations. Though it is a good way to maintain routine working process we have to change some rules for the clients at times in service industries. Any changes would upset her very easily and she needed permission for each and everything from upper level managers. This showed her incapability in taking instant decisions. Change are a...
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