What Makes a Person Great

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Response Essay: One Great Person
I asked family and friends to answer the response question, “Name one Great (important, significant, successful) person and tell why they are great.” Attached are the responses my family and friends gave to that question. In analyzing the responses I learned that there are a lot of people that have significantly contributed to the world today. When I asked people this question, they had to think about it for a few minutes and decide who they wanted to use as their response. It seems as though not one person came instantly to anyone’s mind. They had several people in mind and needed to analyze who had the greatest impact or the most important impact to them. The contributions of the people my family and friends listed are wide spread. They come from technology, horse racing, Christianity, family relationships and leadership. My Daughter, who is eleven, chose Penny Chenery. She is the owner of the fastest thoroughbred horse race of all times, Big Red. I asked her why she thought Penny was a successful person and she responded because of her contributions to horse racing and because she was a women that was successful in a time when women were supposed to be house wives. Even though it took a motion picture movie for my Daughter to know Penny Chenery and her life as a successful woman, I am proud of her for recognizing and remembering her contributions to horse racing. Another response I found interesting was that of my Husband’s. He responded that Japanese Emperor Hirohito and Germany’s Adolf Hitler were great people. He chose them because they pulled the United States into WWII, which helped the United States recover from the depression. He believes this is what saved the American Economy at that time. I found this interesting because most people have a negative connotation associated with Adolf Hitler. I myself would not have put him on my top ten list of great people. This shows that everyone sees success and contributions...
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