What the Positive Impact from Production Technology?

Topics: APA style, Citation, Parenthetical referencing Pages: 7 (806 words) Published: October 27, 2010

INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENT: 1. Your assignment should be typed on A4 paper using 12 pt Times New Roman and 1.5 line spacing. 2. Submit your assignment on-line through the myVLE. Please refer to the LMS Help (in myVLE) for detailed instructions on submission procedure. 3. You must submit your assignment in the Microsoft Word format. 4. Your assignment must be submitted before or on Tutorial 5. Submissions after Tutorial 5 are not acceptable. 5. Your assignment will be assessed according to the specification contains in the rubric accompanying the assignment question. 6. This assignment carries a 30% weightage toward the final grade. 7. Plagiarism in all forms will not be tolerated. Assignment submitted will automatically be subjected to a similarity check.   Assignments with 10 – 30% overlap with others will be subjected to a 20% deduction from the total gross marks scored. Assignments with more than 30% overlap with others will earn zero mark on the assignment. In such cases, the course grade will be determined soley on the basis of marks obtained in the remaining components of the course assessment.


PURPOSE The purpose of this assignment is to provide students the opportunity to conduct research in maintenance management by using the skills and knowledge they have acquired from this course.

INSTRUCTIONS You will complete this assignment individually. You are required to submit a written report based on the task given below.

TASK Write an essay on the positive impact caused by the development of production technology to mankind to include the following: Communication Transportation Agricultural and Food processing Health Care

GUIDE a) b) c) d) Total number of words should be a minimum of 3,000. Total articles reviewed should be a minimum of 7. Introduction, literature review, impacts, conclusion and references must be included. Referencing must be APA standard.

[Total: 30 marks]


Assessment Criteria 1 Introduction

Weightage Marks 1

1 Very Low Did not follow the contents Inadequate understanding & interpretation of task Inadequate understanding & misconception of the assignment task Weak or no conclusion

2 Low 1 development is mentioned 2-3 articles are reviewed

3 Fair 2 developments are mentioned 4-5 articles are reviewed

4 Above Average 3 developments are mentioned 5-6 articles are reviewed

5 Excellent 4 and more developments are mentioned 7 and more articles are reviewed Excellent descriptions of the impacts

Maximum Marks 5


Literature Review




Impact Descriptions


Little descriptions of the impacts

Moderate descriptions of the impacts

Good descriptions of the impacts





Basic level of conclusion


References and Referencing


Limited referencing/ Incorrect

Basic level of academic referencing

Moderate conclusion based on impacts described Satisfactory level of referencing however inconsistencies in referencing still exist - 5 articles are referred

Good conclusion based on impacts described Good referencing 7 articles are referred.

Excellent conclusion based on impacts described Excellent and correct referencing throughout the assignment 10 articles and above are referred according to Harvard Referencing OR APA system







TUJUAN Tujuan tugasan ini adalah untuk memberi peluang kepada pelajar menjalankan kajian dalam teknologi pengeluaran dengan menggunakan kemahiran dan pengetahuan yang diperoleh daripada kursus ini.

ARAHAN Anda diperlukan menyiapkan tugasan ini secara individu. Anda perlu menghantar satu laporan bertulis berdasarkan tugasan di bawah.

TUGASAN Tulis satu karangan mengenai kesan positif yang di bawa oleh pembangunan teknologi pengeluaran kepada manusia sejagat termasuk perkara-perkara berikut: Komunikasi...
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