Why Did the French Revolution Start in 1789?

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Why Did the French Revolution Start In 1789?

In 1789 France was at an all time low with crises from economical to political. Many reasons could have caused the revolution and most of them are because of the monarchy and its rules. The economical structure was also very poor and a lot of debt angered a lot of people. The social situation was another huge problem with many of the rich third estate annoyed by not being able to shift between estates.

(S)The social crisis was a huge problem with the poorest people having to pay taxes they could not afford and no one could get food due to the weather. People would cue for hours to get bread even if the bread was black and mouldy. The crisis was extremely bad and the third estates were furious with the monarchy due to their bad rules. The third estate were meeting and they decided not to leave the tennis courts until change happened.

(P)The political crisis was probably the worst as many people did not like the king or queen. The king was weak and the queen had a lot of power over him. The public did not like Marie Antoinette as she spent money on her not on the public. With the French monarchy not being very popular the sealed letters did not help as many people thought they were unfair and did not give people their rights. These letters were the order of imprisonment and many ministers used them for their own vengeance.

(E)The last crisis was the economical one due to the big spending but little income. The debt was huge and because of interest the monarchy could not repay the banks causing to a rise in taxes, which angered the third estate. The money income of France was very low and they were spending money they did not have which then had to go foreign monarchies to repay the banks but then they could not repay the bankers.

The French revolution started in 1789 for a number of reasons. The weather, the monarchy and the estate system. They all had a part in the...
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