Why Is Creativity so Important in Modern/Progressive Companies Today?

Topics: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, IPod Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: September 22, 2012
Why is Creativity So Important In Modern/Progressive Companies Today?

Progressive companies today usually conjure up characteristics of being forward thinking, proactive, willingness to learn from others, the willingness to be open to criticism and daring to be different. Some of the names that come to mind includes the predictable, admired few like Apple, Google and General Electric. They all embody the above stated qualities. The underlying common denominator of these qualities is actually creativity, modesty and foresightedness.

In the fast changing world otherwise known as the 21st century where consumers taste change faster than lady gaga’s eccentric dresses/costumes, companies are forced to differentiate themselves from their competitors to stay competitive. One of the more effective ways is through creativity. Creativity/originality or being innovative is the main reasons why the above stated companies have continued to enjoy strong growth and remained at the top of the best employer list.

The makers of the iPod –Apple Inc, best encompasses the importance of creativity. The use of creativity by its head honcho Steve jobs rejuvenated the mp3 player market. Creativity didn’t stop there. It transcended from the product design with its sleek design to signature advertisements featuring dancing silhouettes holding on to the iPod in front of brightly lit backgrounds. Through this creative use of marketing and product design, Apple Inc successfully satisfied a previously unmet market need that helped catapult them into continued success.

On a broader level, creativity, which in my opinion means satisfying a need through looking at the problem at hand from a different perspective. This maxim may be easy to say, but many companies do not embrace it. The reason I feel is that companies don’t want to tread the path less taken for fear of failure or rejection. However this school of thought would severely undermine creativity, as there wouldn’t be any...
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