Women's Right/Suffrage

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Junior English Research Project
You are to create a Junior English Research Project in which you convey and cite information that you have researched. YOU CANNOT RECEIVE A PASSING GRADE IN THIS COURSE WITHOUT HAVING COMPLETED THE RESEARCH PROJECT! You have two options for the Project. You may write a 500 word essay on one or more of the topics listed below, or you may create a power point presentation. Both carry the same requirements. The requirements are: 1. You must research three (3) or more scholarly resources (This means no Wiki anything) and cite them in your project.

2. You must write your information in properly formatted expositional prose (must have topic sentences with support using traditional paragraph structure) 3. You must have a THESIS STATEMENT that addresses some aspect of your topic. 4. You must use INTERNAL CITATIONS

5. You must have a WORKS CITED page.
Here are your topics:

The life of the author, F. Scott Fitzgerald
Fashion, Flappers and Social Statements in the 1920s
Economy, the Stock Market, and financial trends in the 1920s Jazz and Speakeasies
The Eighteenth Amendment – Prohibition and its effects in the 1920s Prohibition, Bootlegging, and Organized Crime in the 1920s
Scandal: Teapot Dome & White Sox (1919 World Series)
Women's Rights/Suffrage

Here are some guidelines to get started:
1. Use the Compadre Intranet to easily acquire scholarly resources (EbscoHost, SIRS, World Book Encyclopedia, Literature Database). These databases also cite the sources you find in proper MLA Format.

2. If you find a scholarly resource on another database, you may use Citation Machine to help you format it correctly.
3. You may use an MLA website such as, http://library.austincc.edu/help/mla/ , to further assist you in properly using internal citations. You may also use the Writer’s Inc. Book, pages 245 – 295 for reference.

Below, a rubric is attached. Use it as a checklist to ensure your project contains all...
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