Working effectively as a team

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An effective team is a combination of communicating constructively, flexibility, relability, commitment to the team and good leadership skills. By working effectively within a team, a group can improve productivity and achieve better perfermance. Strong team members cooperate and are active participants in the group, they’re fully engaged and give their best effort and want other team members the same commitment. A flexible team member adapts to changing situations and if a new direction takes place they can consider different points of view and compromise when needed. Good team members are reliable and consistent, you can count on them to follow through on assignments to get the work done and meet the deadlines. Effective and open communication is crucial to be successful as a team member. Teams need members who speak up and clearly express their ideas directly and honestly. A good team encourages their members to speak up and express their thoughts and opinions. Time management in important to successfully plan and control how you can accomplish your goals. The skills and strategies for good time management that I develop as I student will help me personally and in the workplace .Time management is planning or scheduling your time wisely to improve productivity and prioritising your workload in order to achieve your goals. Successful time management is vital for everything and as a student it is crucial skill to master this skill as it promotes better self confidence,

Teams fail for a variety of reasons, they are often formed with little planning or lack of direction and often personality conflicts occur between different team members. The differences or uniqueness of individuals can create a great working environment and can bring out the unique talents and ideas of the entire team. A lack of focus and creativity can negatively impact a teams productivity. The quality of the teams interaction indicates the final product. Inability to deal with...
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