A Person I Respect the Most

Topics: Personal computer, Apple Inc., Steve Jobs Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: July 8, 2013
A Person I Respect the Most
The headline of newspapers read,” iPhone V is Coming Out in September,” Nowadays, people of all ages are using Apple digital appliances, computers, iPod, and, iPhone. People use it everywhere and every time, on a bus, in a bathroom, and even when they’re walking. Who invented these attractive appliances? Steve Jobs, the great person I respect the most did. Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California and was adopted by a poor family. He attended a junior high school in California, and frequented after-school speeches at the Hewlett-Packard Company in Palo Alto, California. Soon, he was hired there and started to work at the Hewlett-Packard Company as a summer employee. In 1972, Steve Jobs graduated from high school and enrolled in Reed College in Portland, Oregon. However, his family was poor and couldn’t afford his tuition. Although he dropped out after only one semester, he continued auditing classes at Reed. Nothing could stop him from learning. Steve’s student life was extremely poor, but in spite of her terrible living condition, he was happy. In 1976, Steve and his best friend who was also interested in digital appliances founded the Apple Inc. in their own garage. The first personal computer in the world was born, and they named it Apple I. The Apple Inc. is successful, and iPhone, iPod, and the most surprising digital appliance is the mini computer, iPad. The size of the iPad is only as big as an A4 paper. The reasons that I respect him the most are, first, he invented the PC computers so everyone could have their own computer. Furthermore, being an inventor is my dream. I want to be a great inventor and make our lives more convenient and comfortable. Second, although he was an orphan and the family that adopted him was poor, he never gives up himself. He has a good learning attitude. No matter what happened, couldn’t stop him to get new knowledge. I should value each leaning opportunity I have because not every...
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