A Study of the Leadership of CEOs at Apple

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A Study of the Leadership of CEOs at Apple

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Background information
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Michael Scott
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Mike Markkula
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John Scully
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Michael Spindler
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Gil Amelio
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Steve Jobs
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Tim Cook
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Background Information
       Apple is a company that everyone in the world knows about today, and most people own at least one Apple product, but Apple did not start out as a huge company. It started out with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak working on computers in the garage of Steve Jobs. Jobs and Wozniak had been friends since college and both men were interesting in electronic field of study. Many people know Steve Jobs but few know Steve Wozniak. Wozniak was born in San Jose, California in 1950, and was the son of an engineer. After graduating high school, he studied for a short time University of California at Berkeley. While working at Hewlett Packard Wozniak worked in the scientific calculator department and in his free time started building boxes that allowed him to make long-distance phone calls for free. From there the men worked from Steve jobs garage and created the first product, which was the Apple I computer. Wozniak had taken the idea for the Apple I to HP and the idea was shot down, so officially on April 1, 1976 Apple Inc was born. Wozniak was hesitant about selling the computer, but Jobs insisted that they sell it and from there they sold 50 to a local retailer (Apple Computer, Inc. History).        The name Apple Computers was Steve jobs idea; it just came up with it, and seemed to have no meaning behind it. The Apple logo was a different story; Jobs hired a man named Regis McKenna who owned an advertising and public relations company in Silicon Valley. He invented the Apple logo that is on all of Apple products. He also began advertising Apples personal computers in consumer magazines, which get the Apple name into the computer world. (Apple Computer, Inc. History) This allowed Apple to reach annual sales of around one million dollars by June 1977.  When the Apple II was introduced in 1977, they were in retail stores, and were the first microcomputer to use color graphics and have a television display as the screen of the computer (Apple Computer, Inc. History). With such success Apple went public in December of 1980, with over 4.6 million shares selling out in minutes. Within two years of going public Apple was being sold worldwide and was the first personal computer company to reach one billion dollars in annual sales. However, in 1981 Wozniak was injured in a plane crash and suffered injuries that forced him to take a leave of absence from Apple, he did return after recovering but only briefly, but remained a consultant for Apple.        Continuing with the product line after going public, Apple released the first Macintosh in 1984, which sold over 70,000 in the first 100 days of sale (Apple Computer, Inc. History). After the release of the Macintosh, several other Macintosh items were released. Apple however was not doing well, even though the Macintosh line of products was selling very well. Steve jobs left Apple in 1985 and in 1988 Apple was split up into four operating divisions. Apple USA, Apple Europe, Apple Pacific, and Apple Products; the splitting of the company caused a lot of long time Apple employees to leave the company.        As the eighties came to a close there was a few lawsuits that Apple was involved in that caused the company to have a few setbacks. One of the lawsuits Apple was involved in was one with Xerox. Xerox was suing Apple for 150 million dollars for unlawfully using Xerox technology (Apple Computer, Inc. History).        Entering the nineties was a challenge of management for Apple and the things that were accomplished by the chief...

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