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Topics: Steve Jobs, Apple Inc., English-language films Pages: 1 (384 words) Published: January 23, 2014
Let me talk about my favorite website, Sina. I guess you’ve heard something about it coz it is the largest Chinese-language website. Definitely, it’s pretty popular in china. I like this website so much primarily because it’s very informative and entertaining. It offers loads of information like the latest world news, changes in the financial market, reports about sports events and blockbusters. And it gives us the newest stories about the showbiz, you know, the movie stars, famous singers and TV programs. And the layout of the web pages is very organized and user-friendly. Let me talk about a speech given by Steve Jobs at Stanford commencement in 2005. Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple, is one of the most creative businessmen in the world. He co-founded Apple with his friends in the late 1970s and served as its CEO until he died of cancer in 2011. In this speech, Jobs told three stories from his life. The first story was about connecting the dots. The second was about love and loss. Plus, the third was about death. I was most impressed by the first story. Jobs said that he dropped out of college coz he couldn’t see the value in it and he was not interested in the required classes. Later on, Jobs take a calligraphy class to learn how to do this, which seemed to have no practical application in his life. But ten years later, he designed it all into the Mac, the first computer with beautiful typography. So you see, something which seems to be useless or even stupid can be really meaningful to our life. So if we want to do something that is off our planned path, just follow our heart and do it. It will somehow connect in our life. In the end of the speech, Jobs shared the words:”Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” with us. These simple words encourage us never to stop seeking for the truth and exploring mysteries. Most importantly, we are supposed to be modest and never be too proud. This is the best speech I ever listened to. I’m attracted and inspired by it....
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